Illustration of an old U.S. Air Force logo in white on a black background. The logo is a star within a circle with two horizontal stripes on each side.

Lavender Scare

Episode #221

2023-06-02 05:00:19


Helen James grew up in a military family — her great-great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, her father in WWI, and her uncles in WWII. So when she enlisted in 1952, she felt like she belonged. Shortly after, she realized she was being watched.
Black and white illustration of a ship on a rough and stormy ocean, with dark clouds overhead.


Episode #220

2023-05-26 05:00:57


There’s an old sailors’ saying about the ocean at the southernmost part of the world — “below 40 degrees latitude, there is no law; below 50 degrees, there is no God.” The story of what happened when five British warships sailed around the very bottom of South America, at 56 degrees latitude.
Black and white illustration of a pyramid shape composed of dots connected by lines.

A Mysterious Bank

Episode #219

2023-05-19 05:00:44


Today, the story of the woman running a Ponzi scheme before Charles Ponzi was even born.
Black and white digital illustration of a long table with only one chair -- representing a jury deliberation table and the experience of each individual juror after a trial.

“Did we get it right?”

Episode #218

2023-05-12 05:00:22


“What we ask jurors to do is to just absorb all this trauma and just to keep on absorbing it and not process it with anyone. Just hold it in and hold it in and hold it in.” A look at what happens during and after a trial – and how some courts are trying to help jurors.
A black and white illustration of a long rectangular conference room table with 12 chairs around it.

The Juror

Episode #217

2023-05-05 05:00:05


In 2008, Sven Berger was chosen to serve on the jury for a murder trial. He says the sentence that he and his fellow jurors handed down “felt like a mistake right away.”
A black and white illustration of a tall wall with four barred windows - one has a fan in it. There is a cross embedded into the top of the wall.

The Magdalene Laundries

Episode #216

2023-04-28 05:00:41


At 14, Elizabeth Coppin was sent to work at a laundry business in Cork, Ireland. When she arrived, she noticed bars on the windows.
A black and white illustration including a tie with the name T. Keane on it, a pack of Juicy Fruit gum, a suitcase, a card of thread with the word "Barbour's" on it, a cigarette, a butter knife filed into a sharp point, and seemingly random letters.

The Somerton Man

Episode #215

2023-04-21 05:00:07


In 1948, a dead man was discovered on a beach in Australia. No one could identify him — until last year.
Black and white illustration of Benjamin Ferencz, wearing a suit and tie.

Palace of Justice – A Conversation with Benjamin Ferencz

Episode #214

2023-04-14 05:00:38


Remembering the last surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials.
A black and white illustrated image of a long fur coat.

The Most Wonderful Terrible Person

Episode #213

2023-04-07 05:00:04


When Debra Miller woke up on October 8th, 1964, she was expecting to see a black Volkswagen in her family’s driveway. Instead, she saw a police car. “And I knew my father was dead.”
Black and white illustration of an empty wooden chair.

The Fasting Cure

Episode #212

2023-03-24 05:00:13


In 1911, two sisters traveled to Seattle to meet a "doctor" named Linda Hazzard. The sisters didn’t seem very sick, but when they arrived, Dr. Hazzard told them they didn’t have a moment to lose – they needed to begin her treatment right away.  A few months later, one of the sisters wrote a letter to her old governess. “I am wonderfully better in fact,” she said, “getting stronger by leaps.” But her handwriting was messier than usual, and her sentences ran together and overlapped.
A black and white illustration of a man surrounded by electronics. He has his arms up and hands out.

Crazy Eddie

Episode #211

2023-03-17 05:00:12


In the 1980s, the discount electronics chain store Crazy Eddie was so famous, its commercials were parodied on "Saturday Night Live." So when the family business began selling its company shares on Wall Street – making millions – nobody questioned its success.
Black and white illustration of a wooden box. It has the word "fragile" written on the side.

Out of the Box

Episode #210

2023-03-10 05:00:53


In 1964, one of the best javelin throwers in Australia traveled to England to see if he could qualify for the Olympics. But, because of an injury, he didn’t make the team - and he couldn’t afford a plane ticket home. So he came up with an idea while working a cargo job at Heathrow Airport: “I saw them shipping animals. And I thought, well, if the dogs can survive it, I could.”
A black and white illustration of three clocks and several clock hands. There are white numbers on a black background and all of the clocks say different times.

An Impossible Crime, Part 2

Episode #209

2023-03-03 05:00:45


This episode continues where Episode 208 leaves off. In 2001, Daniel Taylor wrote a letter from prison to a reporter at the Chicago Tribune named Steve Mills. Steve Mills spent months investigating before publishing a detailed examination of Daniel’s case as part of a series called “Cops and Confessions.” Daniel told us, “To have someone finally say that they believed me changed my whole life.” 
Black and white illustration of two clock faces. The clock faces are black and they are sitting across from each other on a black circle.

An Impossible Crime

Episode #208

2023-02-24 05:00:01


Daniel Taylor was 17 years old when he was arrested for a 1992 double homicide in Chicago. But Daniel had an alibi. He was in jail at the time of the murders.
A black and white illustration of an onion. It is cut into a few round slices.

Novak v. City of Parma

Episode #207

2023-02-17 05:00:38


In 2016, a man named Anthony Novak created a parody Facebook page of his local police department. "I just thought, 'That would be funny.'" About a month later, he was arrested. Novak is now petitioning the Supreme Court, and The Onion submitted an amicus brief in support of his case. Their brief is written as a parody of an amicus brief.
A black and white illustrated portrait of Roxie Laybourne. She has big glasses and is wearing a turtle neck. There are bird feathers drawn in a circle around her.

The Feather Lady

Episode #206

2023-02-03 05:00:40


On October 4, 1960, Eastern Airlines Flight 375 took off from Boston’s Logan airport, and then, two minutes later, it crashed. 62 people died. Investigators couldn't figure out what had happened, and they decided to ask a scientist working at the Smithsonian for help. Roxie Laybourne's investigation helped launch a whole new field of science that changed aviation and forensics.