Black and white illustration of a hippo, half submerged in water with its ears and eyes visible, looking directly at the viewer.

Los Hipopótamos

Episode #277

2024-07-19 05:00:01


In the 1980s, Pablo Escobar smuggled four hippopotamuses into Colombia for a zoo on his ranch. After he was killed, the hippos were left on their own.
An illustration of a white rubber mask on a black background.

The Disappearance of Leslie Arnold

Episode #276

2024-07-12 05:00:16


In 1967, a 24-year-old named Leslie Arnold escaped from prison. The FBI looked for him for years. And then, in 2022, a U.S. Marshal got a message from his son.
A black and white illustration of a white plane flying on a black sky with clouds.

Ten Thousand Feet in the Air

Episode #275

2024-07-05 05:00:29


On the afternoon of June 23rd, 1972, Martin McNally walked into the St. Louis airport with a wig, a sawed-off rifle, and a plan.
Black and white illustration of a Black woman with an afro wearing a collared shirt and jacket.

State of North Carolina v. Joan Little

Episode #274

2024-06-28 05:00:39


When Karen Bethea-Shields was in college, she heard a judge say, “No way in the world a Black woman can get raped.” A few years later, in 1975, she helped successfully defend Joan Little—a Black woman—who became the first woman in the U.S. to be found not guilty of murder using the defense that she used deadly force to resist sexual assault.
Black and white digital illustration of two pieces of toast – each covered with a different type of spread. Next to the pieces of toast are two small jars or butter dishes with butter knives.

The Demon Spread

Episode #273

2024-06-21 05:00:00


“The ingenuity of depraved human genius has culminated in the production of margarine.”
A black and white illustration of three caskets. Each has slightly different hardware on it, and is open from the middle up.

One Troy

Episode #272

2024-06-14 05:00:24


The Lawrence H. Woodward funeral home in Brooklyn has been run by one family for generations, and has handled many funerals for victims of violent crime.
A 4 by 3 grid of head-and-shoulder silhouettes of people in profile. 11 of the boxes have black backgrounds and white silhouettes facing right, and one box has a white background and black silhouette facing left.

11 to 1

Episode #271

2024-06-07 05:00:47


When JonRe Taylor was called for jury duty in 2007, she voted ‘not guilty’ on every charge. But the defendant was convicted and sent to prison anyway.
Six white droplets scattered on a black background.

The Six

Episode #270

2024-05-24 05:00:56


In 1989, three people confessed to participating in a murder. Eventually, a total of six people were arrested. But when DNA tests were run on crime scene evidence almost 20 years later - the results showed that none of them had been there at all.
A black and white illustration of many white droplets outlined in black on a white background, with six black droplets in a row in the middle.

Type B

Episode #269

2024-05-17 05:00:57


Six people were arrested for a murder in Nebraska. Some said they couldn't remember details of the crime, or being there at all - but then they began to have dreams about it.
A trio of black-outlined shapes against a white background - one circle and two squares.

The Confession, Part 3

Episode #268

2024-05-10 05:00:20


When we last spoke with Trevell Coleman, he was waiting to hear back about his clemency application. And then, in December of last year, his lawyer got a phone call.
Black and white illustration of a street directly in front of the viewer, with a crosswalk painted across it with a city and traffic lights in the background.

Right of Way

Episode #267

2024-05-03 05:00:29


In 1991, two police officers stopped Tupac Shakur. They said he was jaywalking.
Black and white illustration of a poster that reads: "Attention Amateurs, Professionals, Criminals - Blue Collar, White Collar. You have wronged people. It is to people that you must apologize, not to the state, not to God. Call Apology (212) 255-2748." Above a row of tear-off numbers there's a line of text that reads: "When you call you will be alone with a tape recorder."

Mr. Apology

Episode #266

2024-04-26 05:00:38


In 1980, posters appeared in subway stations and on telephone poles in New York City with a phone number to call. When you called it, you would hear a message: “This is Apology. Apology is not associated with the police or any other organization but rather is a way for you to tell people what you have done wrong and how you feel about it.”
Black and white sketch of an athletic jacket with Georgetown across the chest.

Under Oath

Episode #265

2024-04-19 05:00:13


When he was 14 years old, Ron Bishop testified in a murder trial. Decades later, he told an investigator everything he said on the stand was a lie – and that it was just what he was told to say.
A black and white illustration of several large white tents set up in a field.

The Strike

Episode #264

2024-04-12 05:00:05


When people started saying that John D. Rockefeller Jr. was responsible for the deaths of two women and 11 children near a coal mine in Colorado, he decided to do something unusual. He hired “the father of public relations.”
Digital illustration of a chaotic, concentrated black scribble in the center of a white background.

An Officer’s Arrest

Episode #263

2024-04-05 05:00:10


Sultan Alam was the first Pakistani officer to join the traffic department of the Cleveland Police in the UK. He was harassed at work and complained to his senior officers about it. Then his coworkers showed up at his house to arrest him.
Black and white digital illustration of an elderly man with a beard standing in a darkroom. There are counters and shelves holding a variety of bottles and chemical solutions. The man is wearing glasses, a jacket and pants, standing by a counter on the right side of the image, and holding an open passport. He looks sideways over his right shoulder towards the viewer.

Indelible Ink

Episode #262

2024-03-22 05:00:22


For almost thirty years, Adolfo Kaminsky lived quietly, forging documents for people all over the world.