An abstract black and white illustration of overlapping geometrical shapes.

The Confession, Part 1

Episode #237

2023-09-29 05:00:00


Trevell Coleman signed with Bad Boy Records in 1998. He made it onto the Billboard charts, and was called “the latest protege of rap’s royal family.” But there was something from his past he hadn’t told anyone about – and he couldn’t let it go.
A black and white illustration of a white crabapple tree on a black background. The tree is bare, missing its leaves and many of its branches.

Under the Crabapple Tree

Episode #236

2023-09-22 05:00:25


On September 16, 1922, a reverend and a choir singer were found dead under a tree. Between their bodies was a stack of love letters. When police began investigating the murders, tabloid reporters did too, and rumors about the case began to spread quickly.
Black and white illustration of several notebooks laying flat.

The Newsroom

Episode #235

2023-09-15 05:00:47


Reporter Jeff German spent his life investigating corruption, fraud, and murder. After he was killed, his colleagues were determined to figure out why he had died.
Black and white digital illustration of a homemade Ouija board. The board is a black square with a white circle in the middle. Along the edge of the circle are letters that look handwritten. In the middle of the board is a drinking glass, turned upside down.

The Séances

Episode #234

2023-09-08 05:00:10


In 1916, two British soldiers were held captive in a remote prisoner-of-war camp. To fight boredom, they decided to make a Ouija board. When reports of ghosts started circulating around the camp, the two soldiers had an idea.
A black and white illustration of a coastline with mountains rising up and a small house in front of them.

Iceland Noir

Episode #233

2023-08-25 05:00:03


Iceland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, but people there love to read about crime.
Black and white illustration of a wolf in profile, walking.

Wolf 10

Episode #232

2023-08-18 05:00:56


In April of 1995, wildlife biologists flew small airplanes over Yellowstone National Park, looking for two missing wolves. “They’re just gone. And that’s implausible because wolves don’t just disappear.”
Black and white illustration of an open drawer with compartments filled with various types of medicine, including vials and pills.

The Nurse

Episode #231

2023-08-11 05:00:49


When Amy Loughren started working as a nurse at Somerset Medical Center, she did everything she could to hide the fact that she had a heart condition. And then, another nurse named Charles Cullen discovered Amy’s secret. He told her that he would keep it, but she didn’t know that he was keeping his own secret too.
A black and white illustration of a table setting, with a plate in the middle, three forks on the left, a spoon and fork above the plate, and two knives on the right.

The Perfectionists

Episode #230

2023-08-04 05:00:56


A story about religion, sex, an assassination, and silverware. 
Drawing of a flying fairy with hands raised in front of her, and white swirly lines around her, on a black background.

A Glamour and a Mystery

Episode #229

2023-07-28 05:00:55


In the summer of 1917, 16-year-old Elsie Wright took a photograph of her 9-year-old cousin, Frances Griffiths. It was the first photograph she’d ever taken — and it became the source of a mystery that lasted for most of the 20th century.
Black and white illustration of three Dungeons & Dragons dice.

Roll of the Dice

Episode #228

2023-07-21 05:00:16


The investigation into the Unabomber was one of the longest manhunts in American history. Over 18 years, the FBI looked into a number of people, including a group of friends who loved Dungeons & Dragons.
A black and white illustration of a hand, with bone and fingernails.

The Bodies in the Bog

Episode #227

2023-07-14 07:51:40


In the summer of 1984, a local newspaper reporter outside of Manchester, England, got a tip from the police. A foot had been found in a nearby bog.
Black and white digital illustration of the cover of a Nash News issue -- all caps text at top reads “The Nash News” and below, an abstract graphic of many overlapping circles composed of stripes and dots.

The Prison Newspaper

Episode #226

2023-07-07 05:00:32


A little over sixty years ago, there were 250 prison newspapers being published on a regular basis. Today, there are 26. We talked with the editor of one of them.
A black and white doubled illustration of Aretha Franklin.

The Impersonator

Episode #225

2023-06-30 05:00:23


Mary Jones could sing just like Aretha Franklin. One night, a James Brown impersonator saw her perform at a Motown tribute show and got an idea. “He thought he would take her on the road, and tell everyone that she was the real Aretha.”
A black and white illustration of Eliot Ness on top of a map of the midwest, with a dotted line drawn from Cleveland to Chicago.

Al Capone, Eliot Ness, and Cleveland’s Torso Murderer

Episode #224

2023-06-23 05:00:02


A Cleveland man collecting driftwood along the Lake Erie shore found a human torso on the beach. No one could figure out what had happened.
A black and white illustration of a woman's head and neck. Her eyes are closed and she is smiling slightly. She is on a black background with a white circle drawn around her.

The Unknown Woman

Episode #223

2023-06-16 05:00:42


When a toymaker and a doctor teamed up to make the world’s first CPR doll, they decided to make the doll’s face look like one specific woman – a woman who they thought had drowned.
Black and white illustration of a circular paramedic badge, with a the medical symbol of a caduceus, a staff with two snakes coiled around it, and two lightning bolts on either side. Text reads: Criminal, Episode 222: The Paramedics.

The Paramedics

Episode #222

2023-06-09 05:00:08


As recently as 1965, if you had a medical emergency, the people who showed up at your door would be volunteer firefighters, police officers, or undertakers with a hearse. Today, the story of how a group of Black men from Pittsburgh changed that.