Perfect Specimen

Episode #36

2016-02-05 02:43:17


The 500-year-old Treaty Oak in Austin, Texas was once called “the most perfect specimen of a North American tree.” But in 1989, Austin’s city forester John Giedraitis realized that the Treaty Oak didn’t look so good, and began to wonder whether someone had intentionally tried to kill it. The Austin police were on the case, so when Paul Steadman Cullen was arrested for the criminal “mischief,” it was time to unearth what his motives for killing the Treaty Oak could be.

Music in this episode: “Decompression,” Blue Dot Sessions. “Betrayal, Lies and Disaster,” The Losers. “Bliste” and “4th Chair,” Blue Dot Sessions.  “Flag of No Country,” Julia Kent. “Pretty Melody,” Podington Bear. “Sometimes it Shines,” Pictures of the Floating World.