Black and white illustration of a poster that reads: "Attention Amateurs, Professionals, Criminals - Blue Collar, White Collar. You have wronged people. It is to people that you must apologize, not to the state, not to God. Call Apology (212) 255-2748." Above a row of tear-off numbers there's a line of text that reads: "When you call you will be alone with a tape recorder."

Mr. Apology

Episode #266

2024-04-26 05:00:38


In 1980, posters appeared in subway stations and on telephone poles in New York City with a phone number to call. When you called it, you would hear a message: “This is Apology. Apology is not associated with the police or any other organization but rather is a way for you to tell people what you have done wrong and how you feel about it.”