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Episode 74: Catastrophe (9.8.2017)

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In 1993, more than 1,000 levees broke along the Mississippi River, flooding thousands of acres. In most cases the floods were seen as an “Act of God.” In one case, however, the flood was a crime: “knowingly causing a catastrophe.” This story comes to us from Noam Osband

For more information, check out Adam Pitluk‘s book, Damned to Eternity

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Artwork by Julienne Alexander.  

Music in this episode: When in the West” by Blue Dot Sessions, “No Solace” by Podington Bear, “Turning to You” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Paragon” by Keosz, “A Simple Blur” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Lucky Stars” by Podington Bear, “Lenses” by Blue Dot Sessions (an original song for Criminal).

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