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Episode 73: Carry A. Nation (8.18.2017)

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At the turn of the century, Carry Nation was “America’s foremost lady hellraiser” and “the apostle of reform violence.” In her own words, she was “a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what He doesn’t like.”


We liked her hatchet pins so much, we thought we’d try to make some of our own. They say “CRIMINAL” on the handle. Get yours here.


Thanks to everyone at the Kansas State Historical Society, and to Maya Goldberg-Safir.



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Artwork by Julienne Alexander.  


Music in this episode: “Down and Around” by Podington Bear, “Cats Eye” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Peter Gray” and “Gears Spinning” by Podington Bear, “Balti” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Pretty Simple” and “Bliss” by Podington Bear

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