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Episode 72: Bears, Birds, and Bones (8.4.2017)

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As long as 2,500 years ago, Native Americans placed the bones of the dead in giant mounds of earth in the shape of animals. The Effigy Mounds National Monument was created to protect the mounds – and the bones inside. But in 2011, a new superintendent discovered that the remains of 41 Native Americans had disappeared.


In this episode, we use the term “Native American” because the story refers to legislation that uses that term. The National Park Service now uses “American Indian.”


This episode contains language that may not be suitable for everyone.


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Artwork by Julienne Alexander.


Music in this episode: “One Quiet Conversation” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Leadin” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Aspirato” by Kai Engel, “Downhill Racer” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Tarnish” by Podington Bear, “Refraction” by Podington Bear, and “Felt Lining” by Blue Dot Sessions.

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