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Episode 66: Bully (5.5.2017)

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Skidmore, Missouri is a very small town. In the ’70s, there was only one bar, one grocery store, and one bully. Ken McElroy was so ruthless and intimidating that even law enforcement looked the other way. He terrorized the town for decades, until they finally fought back.

We spoke with Harry MacLean, author of In Broad Daylight.


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Special thanks to Chelsea Korynta.

Artwork by Julienne Alexander.


Music in this episode: “Plaster Combo” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Chapel Bottom” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Scenery” by Kai Engel, “Look Up” by Ketsa, “The Blotter” original music by Blue Dot Sessions, and “Milkwood” by Blue Dot Sessions.


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