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Episode 63: Rochester, 1991 (3.17.2017)

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Kim Dadou says she wishes she had a nickel for every person who has asked why she didn’t leave her abusive boyfriend. They stayed together for four years. And then, in the middle of the night on December 17th, 1991, Kim’s entire life changed.

This episode contains descriptions of physical violence against women. It may not be suitable for everyone. Please use discretion.


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Artwork by Julienne Alexander.


Music in this episode: “A Night in the Woods” by Jon Watts, “You, yourself and the main character” by Komiku, “Collecting Samples” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Code 6” by Blue Dot Sessions (original music), “Grace” by Dana Boule, “Base Camp” by Blue Dot Sessions, “Algea Tender” by Blue Dot Sessions, and “An Uneven Lie” by Robin Allender.


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