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Episode 54: Melinda and Clarence (11.4.2016)

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SPOILER WARNING: Please listen to Episode 53: Melinda and Judy before you listen to this. This is the second episode of a two-part story.


Melinda Dawson found out on the same day in 1998 that her adoptive mother had been killed and that her husband Clarence was being charged with the murder. Clarence was convicted in 1999 and given two life sentences. Left alone with her two sons, no money, and no experience, Melinda set out to try and prove that he was innocent. She started with a suspect list.
Special thanks to David Massar, who is currently working on a film about Melinda’s life story, Miss America.

Criminal is a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.


Music in this episode: “Petaluma” by Blue Dot Sessions“Haena” by Blue Dot Sessions“Headlights/Mountain Road” by Blue Dot Sessions“Snow” by David Szesztay“Wet Socks” by Jahzzar“La Tapa Del Jueves” by Circus Marcus“Impossible” by Pleasant Grove“Difference” by Kai Engel“Silent Flock” by Blue Dot Sessions.


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