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Episode 51: Money Tree (9.23.2016)

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When Axton Betz-Hamilton was 11 years old, her parents’ identities were stolen, but at that time consumer protection services for identity theft victims were basically non-existent. So the family dealt with the consequences as best they could. But when Axton got to college, she realized that her identity had been stolen as well. Her credit score was in the lowest 2%. As she was working to restore her credit, she inadvertently discovered who had stolen the family’s identity. It would change everything forever.



Axton Betz-Hamilton at age 11.



Courtesy of Axton Betz-Hamilton


Music in this episode: “Lead Shroud” by Blue Dot Sessions. “Make Whole” by Ketsa. “Suzy Textile” by Blue Dot Sessions. “Pukae” by Blue Dot Sessions. “Ritual Seven” by Jason Leonard. “Ritual Eleven” by Jason Leonard. “Soul Sale” by Ketsa


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